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r(+) is an Architecture, Design, and Development practice providing full architectural services for residential and non-residential projects, high performance building design, and furniture, object, and graphic design.

We are a think-tank for business and property development: generating ideas for successful utilization of buildings, spaces, and properties through strategies that connect buildings, brands, and people.  

We are more than architects because successful projects are more than buildings.

Collaboration. We believe in intense collaboration with clients, consultants, and builders; we know that everyone’s input is essential to a successful project. To enable this success, we purposefully keep our office small and nimble, limiting our active projects in order to fully devote our time and attention to this collaborative effort. Through our network of consultants, we assemble project specific teams to meet the individual needs of every client and project.
Economy. We strive to get the most from the least - to efficiently use materials and deploy space to maximize the possibilities of every project. We take advantage of what is “free” - the sun, the landscape, and the views. Every project is tailored to its specific site and purpose. We rigorously test options and ideas to seek innovative, cost effective, yet beautiful solutions.

High Performance Buildings

r(+) High Performance Buildings are based on Passive House methodology which utilizes highly insulated, thermal bridge free envelopes paired with highly efficient building systems.  In combination with our rigorous process to reduce underutlized space, these strategies (which can be applied to both residential and non-residential buildings) result in high performance net-zero ready buildings with minimal energy usage, increased durability, and superior occupant comfort.

r(+) High Performance Buildings
(Passive House)

  1. Efficient and Site Specific Design
  2. Airtight, Highly Insulated, Thermal Bridge Free Envelope
  3. High Performance Windows and Doors
  4. High Efficiency Building Systems
  5. Ultra Low Energy / Net Zero Ready
  6. Superior Occupant Comfort
Traditional Code
Built Buildings

  1. Lack of Efficient and Site Specific Design
  2. Ineffective Insulation / Air Barrier; Increased Thermal Bridging
  3. Low Efficiency Windows and Doors
  4. Inefficient Building Systems
  5. High Energy Needs
  6. Reduced Occupant Comfort


Ryan Seavy
Founder and Director
Registered Architect: Virginia, North Carolina

Ryan received his Master of Architecture from Virginia Tech after receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from Middlebury College. Prior to founding r(+), Ryan worked with SAOTA, a Cape Town, South Africa based firm, on projects in Thailand, the Bahamas, the Republic of the Congo, Spain, and the United States. He also previously worked with McLeod Kredell Architects on numerous projects in Vermont and New York. His work has earned prestigious awards from the AIA and the ACSA. Ryan is a registered architect in Virginia and North Carolina, holds an NCARB certificate, and is a certified Passive House Consultant (PHIUS+CPHC).

r(+) collaborates with a team of multidisciplinary designers based on the unique requirements of every project.


r(+) is based in Roanoke, Virginia, working with clients throughout the Roanoke Valley, the New River Valley, Southwest Virginia, and further afield.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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The CF is the new home for a not-for-profit institution.  An existing brick structure will be rehabilitated, and a new single story addition will be constructed to the rear of the site.  The main level serves as a multi-purpose gathering space with offices located on the upper floor.

Location:    Blacksburg, Virginia
Status:        In Design

Salt Pond Pub at Mountain Lake Lodge

A new outdoor bar and dining area for Mountain Lake Lodge.

Location:    Giles County, Virginia
Status:        In Construction

Retail Shops at Mountain Lake Lodge

A new retail space for Mountain Lake Lodge.

Location:    Giles County, Virginia
Status:        In Construction

Wild Oak

A new residence and master plan for a rural Virginia property.

Location:    New River, Virginia
Status:        In Design